The post that inspired my last one confirms my need to make a new tumblr account!

I want a more organized blog (michael… your reponse about using the mass post editor is HILARIOUS you troll) and I need to be stricter about who I follow.

And when I finally get around to making that new account I’ll follow everyone I regularly interact with and the people that regularly like my posts out of the goodness of their hearts.

And I’ll put a link here.

So if you want to find me I will be easily found.

invisibleforeigner replied to your post: a frightening inability to turn the other cheek

Just get tumblr savior. then you could still follow them and never see tom hiddleston again.

If only they’d tag all Tom Hiddleston posts with some variation of his name.  :c  A lot of people I follow don’t tag their fandom posts.

I also do a lot of tumblr-ing on my phone.

So tumblr savior helps but only so much.

a frightening inability to turn the other cheek

So here’s the deal.

Tom Hiddleston is unattractive.

People can put him on their blogs because they think he is attractive or whatever.

I totally put pretty people on my tumblr from time to time.  I am guilty guilty guilty.

But because I can’t really handle having four Tom Hiddleston photos on every page of my dash, I need to get strict about unfollowing people who post Tom Hiddleston.

I’m slowly realizing this.

I openly complain about this dude because he is on my dash every day, multiple times a day.  The worst part of this is that I might otherwise enjoy people who like to post Tom Hiddleston.  I might enjoy them 90% of the time.

But in order to save my own followers from daily TOM HIDDLESTON IS OBJECTIVELY UNATTRACTIVE posts (I have no impulse control; this is tumblr, you guys) I need to unfollow everyone who posts that guy.


And feel free to replace Tom Hiddleston with basically any other fandom that the people I follow enjoy flooding my dash with.

I enjoy personal posts most of all (well, those posts and art and music but ANYWAY) and I get really irritated when someone’s blog is 99% fandom stuff, especially when I chose to follow them for who they actually are, not the stuff they like.  I mean, geeze, I post a lot of horse stuff, but at least I add some commentary that goes beyond “pretty!” every once in a while (but still not nearly as often as I should) and I never have horse after horse after horse after horse the way some people have their fandom posts.

Just tell me how your day went, gosh.

I might be applying to work at a Christian book store and I realized that if this actually works out it means smiling politely at people who buy those tacky self-help books with grinning megachurch pastors on them and stuff about marriage & women written by exclusively by complementarian dudes.

Idk……… This might be too much.


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Centaurus A


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